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Client Success Stories

Read testimonials from some of our clients on how Review Us Now has helped transform their review request process with their customers.

Our business relationship started with Blue Corona in December 2015.  We were highly recommended to them by a personal friend of ours in the advertising industry.  We are beyond grateful for the relationship that we have established with the team at Blue Corona in the last 16 months.  The results that they have given to us have been overwhelmingly positive.  They presented a new product to us that they had tested with other clients towards the end of 2016 that would help us receive feedback from our customers after we perform any type of service for them.  We did have a process in place that was working, but we were looking to enhance it.

We decided to invest in the Review Us Now product with Blue Corona in January 2017 to see what type of results we could get.  We wanted to hear from our customers on how we were performing as a company, whether it was good, bad or ugly.  We felt that this would allow us to gage how we were doing as a company from a customer service perspective.   We also wanted to increase our reviews on our social media platforms due to the overwhelming amount of customers that base their buying decisions on the reviews that they read online.  We have had an incredible response from our customers in just the 2.5 months that we have been utilizing this product and our reviews have increased greatly on our social media platforms.  It has given us a true pulse of how we are doing as a company and allows us to use the feedback as a training opportunity with our employees.  It is a very powerful product with where the business world is currently at and where it is headed.  We are thankful that Blue Corona brought this product to our business and they are so invested in helping us grow internally and externally.
We would highly recommend using this product in your business!

– Jill Francoforte, Greens Energy Services, Inc.

Review Us Now is very user friendly. Once I sent out the email blast, I thought we were only going to get a few reviews but we are well over 50 reviews at this point! Each time I open my email – I’m excited to see another one come through.

– Mimi Edwards, DrinkMore Delivery, Inc.

Review Us Now has been such a great tool for us. It keeps us in contact with the customer even after the service call. Let’s them know we value thei opinion and business. The Review Us Now process is easy to use and the support team is always there and extremely helpful.

– Jeanette Jones, Ehler’s Heating & Air Conditioning

Working with Blue Corona has been one of the best decisions our company could have made. Their friendly knowledgeable staff is always great to work with. From the very beginning of this process Blue Corona provided us with the training and the tools to be up and going almost immediately. In only one month we have received over 225 positive reviews from our customers!  We like hearing from our customers and by using the Review Us Now tool, we get instant feedback allowing us to address issues concerning customer satisfaction immediately. Clients can easily upload their positive reviews to Yelp and other social media sites with just a click of a button. This review process gives our company the assurance that all of our customers are being taken care of and that they are truly happy with our service.  We couldn’t be happier with the results.

– Angie Franke, Aladdin Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc.
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Post Reviews on Facebook, Yelp, Google+ etc.
Show Average Star Ratings Related to Employees
Send Review Requests via Email or Text
Automated Email Follow-Up
Review and Employee Reports
Review Forms are Mobile Optimized
Ability to Format Customer Reviews
Review Map for Your Website
Notified When a Review Comes In
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